There are 2 types of people who tend to get overly stressed at work

How Stress Affects People

Feeling like your head's about to explode from stress at work?

That may be due to what you value professionally, according to a recent Deloitte study.

The study surveyed 23,000 working adults, 28% of whom reported that they are often or always stressed. More than half (57%) of all participants said they were stressed sometimes, while 14% reported only rare episodes of stress.

The survey team then compared the stress-related responses with participants' results in Deloitte's Business Chemistry survey. This personality classification system groups individuals into one of four primary types, based upon what they value in a business context. The four types are pioneers, who seek newness; drivers, who seek challenge; guardians, who seek stability; and integrators, who seek connection.

Individuals who crave stability and connection ("guardians" and "integrators"), tend to report being far more stressed out in the office than those who strive for newness and challenges ("pioneers" and "drivers").

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"The survey indicates that workplace stress is relative and not everyone experiences stress in the same way or to the same degree. Much likely depends on that person's working style and preferences," Deloitte managing director Kim Christfort said in a press release.

"For example, while an urgent assignment might go against a Guardian's preference for deliberate and methodical decision making, it may energize a Driver who tolerates risk and favors a brisk work pace. For leaders, understanding what motivates workers can help resolve workplace conflicts, empower staff and lead to better results as a team."

Survey respondents who valued stability appeared to report significantly higher stress levels, in particular.

So, if you like order and rigor in your life, be prepared to lose your mind in today's corporate world.

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