This degree is a complete waste of money, according to Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban's 3 Tips for Success
Mark Cuban's 3 Tips for Success

Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur, professional sports team owner (Dallas Mavericks), father, husband and one of the most voracious sharks on ABC's 'Shark Tank'.

He's also a self-made billionaire.

When it comes to investment advice, Cuban will serve it to those who ask him in a matter-of-fact manner without sugarcoating the truth or his honest opinion. And though this tough love style doesn't work for everyone, it's undeniable that it makes Cuban's advice and opinions highly regarded.

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One of the best things about Cuban is his ability to speak on behalf of personal experiences, both failures and successes, and capitalize on the fact that he was a person who worked as hard as he possibly could and didn't stop until he got to where he wanted to be.

Reddit ran an AMA with Mark Cuban, which revealed pieces of his most valuable pieces of business wisdom and experiences.

Here were the top takeaways:

What it's like to own an NBA franchise:


His advice to any aspiring professional athlete:


On the rumors that 'Shark Tank' is scripted:


Not every deal you see on 'Shark Tank' is final:


The only investment that's cost him:


His advice to prospective students choosing a school for higher education:


The degree he thinks is a waste of money:


The books he thinks every aspiring entrepreneur should read:


What he's most proud of:


Now, check out these 10 Mark Cuban quotes about business that'll change the way you approach your career:

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