Crazy Places Where People Hide Money

Crazy Places Where People Hide Money
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Crazy Places Where People Hide Money
Would you hide money under the mattress or inside your teddy bear? With the recent financial crisis it appears more Americans are doing just that.

In the second edition of this feature, we learn even more places where people are hiding their money from the likes of prowlers, partners, children and even themselves.

' Post: Share Your Best Hiding Place

Next: First Up: Tampon Box

"My sister-in-law used to hide money from her husband in the tampon box."
-- Elizarden5547

Next: In a Makeshift Bank

"I took PVC pipe two inches wide and six feet in length. I cut out a section of dry wall in my closet the same width and length. Then I made a door with the cut-out dry wall with a small slit above the door to insert the money. This is hard to find if your not looking for it. I'll save a years worth of change and paper money this way for vacation."
-- Wdbjr1965

Next: In a Bra

"I hide some of my money (to save) inside my bra. I took out the pad and put the money inside that slit."
-- Pmilton89

Next: In the Attic

"If you have an attic, hide it up there. Wrap it up good, because the insulation will make you itch for months no matter how many showers you take, and hide it somewhere there."
-- ILive4Harleys

Next: In a Toilet Paper Roll

"Yes, I used to hide my money inside a toilet paper roll. I put a can in the linen closet and wrapped it up so it looked almost exactly like a toilet paper roll."
-- Lolagirl118

Next: In the Cookie Jar

"What do I know, I'm just an old granny, but I still keep mine in the cookie jar just like my old granny did. The kids don't know about it. So I use the cookie jar and keep it to myself."
-- Gmw112252

Next: In a Fake Drain

"My father, a plumber, would make a fake drains in the garage. They looked just like real drains but held a pipe fill with money. The downside -- after he passed we had to look at every drain."
-- BL1NK9

Next: In the Hamper

"The best place to hide money is in the dirty clothes hamper. I've been doing that for quite some time now."
-- The nite

Next: In an Envelope

"I find a good way to hide money is to put it in an envelope and tape it behind furniture or to the bottom of drawers ... hide things in plain sight. An envelope with a few hundred bills disappears in a pile of mail ... just be sure YOU know where it is in the pile!"
-- HealingLyt

Next: In a Purse

"I have a ton of purses. All shapes and sizes. I stash my cash in a wristlet purse and hide it in one of my old purses on a shelf in the closet."
-- stphybtsy

Next: In a Fake Plant

"Artificial plant -- who's gonna look in a vase with fake flowers? Just place it under the foam keeping the stems in place and you're good. I don't swap the plants out of the vase, so it just remains there, looking good on a shelf."
-- drcoester

Next: In a Can

"I take a can and take the top off, discard or eat the contents of the can, put money inside it and put it back with the canned goods. The secret is the type of can opener you use. There is a type that cuts from the side so when you put the top back on it looks unopened."
-- JoeJy676

Next: In a File Box

"I put some money in a green envelope marked 1099's, punch a hole in one end of the envelope (BEFORE inserting the $), put it into the oldest income tax folder, which is usually about 2 inches thick, and in a file box in the attic."

Next: Inside a Picture Frame

"I have kept several big bills paper-clipped together and hidden in an inconspicuous place. Using a picture frame that hangs on the wall and is big enough to display three or four family photos, I tuck the bills between the cardboard layer and the chipboard backing. Your pictures of family and friends aren't worth too much to a crook!"
-- Talkin321

Next: In a Vacuum

"I hide my money in the vacuum. I just unzip the cover that holds the replaceable bags and stash whatever it is I want hidden. I have been given as a present a newer vacuum, but I refuse to get rid of the old one. No one understands why i wont part with it ... I just say I still use it when I need it!!"
-- toshamarie5

Next: In a False Post

"Hide money in a false I-Beam Timber Post."
-- Checksight

Next: Between Cement Bags

"It's not unusual to have cement or mortar mix bags in the cellar, so place two bags with a space between them where you hide some stuff, then place a couple of bags on top. It's also fireproof!"
-- Hoxsie454

Next: More Hiding Places

Keep clicking! 'Hiding Places' from our first edition follow:

"Where do I hide money? Inside an older pair of sneakers, under the inside sole, that are kept with the others: like my old garden sneakers."
-- Tropicangelfish

Next: In a Fish Tank
"Acquire a nice aqaurium filled with piranhas and put your stash under the gravel.

"Never put your valuables in the bedroom that's the first place a thief looks! Try under a nailed-
down carpet, hollowed-out Bible, reversible heels (where the heels turn out and you put your stash in, then click them back into place). -- "Chi-Town Frown"

Next: In a Coat
"My ex-boyfriend had a bad habit of going through my purses looking for money to buy beer. I started hiding money inside my winter coat. I cut a very small hole in the armpit area of the inner layer, and stuffed the bills into the coat (no coins). I'd managed to put away almost $20 in a few months."
-- Pearl729

Next: In Cement Blocks
"Well My home was built on a cement block foundation and I have stashed away enough in my cement blocks to keep me going for a good while. If you don't know my method of where it is hidden you ain't gonna find it. And yes if something happens to me my family will get a diagram of where it all is." -- Horse00

Next: In a Fake Pipe

"I hide my money in a fake pipe in the ceiling of my basement." -- BiancaDove1

Next: Under the Litter Box
"Under the litter box, well ... one of the five: I figure that by the time the thief gets close, he/she will succumb to the aroma before they get what little I have." -- dawnofthedanes

Next: In a Teddy Bear
"The best place to hide your cash is inside an old teddy bear. Or open up your pillow and place the cash inside the cotton -- of course you have to sew it back up." -- Aliciag1800

Next: In Another Country
"My husband and I send our money to Mexico. We have a house that we're still building (tax-free) so when we get about 40 we can retire. American money goes a long way in Mexico."
-- Mdiosdado1

Next: In a Wooden Door
"Do you have solid wood doors in your home? Chisel out a niche in the top of the door. You can actually go close to the entire length of the door and run it about 2 to 3 inches deep if you're careful. Even documents rolled tightly can fit there. Great place if you have kids who pilfer cash from you, no one has ever found it yet." -- Babybooboo100

Next: Under Wife's Mattress

"I put my serious money under the mattress. My lazy 350-pound wife is usually in bed most of the day and night. A thief would give up trying to move that "beached whale" off the bed. So for me, I have a great hiding place." -- Scarano

Next: In the Freezer

"When my son was only 5 years old, I found his piggy bank in the freezer and asked him why? He said he wanted cold cash. He's made me laugh ever since." -- Roborose2005

Next: In an Old Wood Stove

"I hide things in the wood stove that hasn't been used in years. I use a plastic container and seal it up to keep it clean. An added bonus, if the house burns down, the woodstove contents may survive." -- DOWLINGDAV

Next: In the Garden

"My grandmother used to hide money in a mason jar buried in her backyard in her vegetable garden. At least that's what she told my grandpa. When she died no one could find it."

Next: In the Paper Shredder

"I hide my money at the bottom of the bin that collects my paper shreddings. Who the hell would look through confetti for money? I also have a .40 caliber -- so no one get any ideas ..." -- G0dFatherMezz715

Next: Inside Curtain Rods

"Tuck away bills in curtain rods. Just fold them up and slide them inside the rod."

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Would you hide money under the mattress or inside your teddy bear? With the recent financial crisis it appears more Americans are doing just that.

In the second edition of this feature, we learn even more places where people are hiding their money from the likes of prowlers, partners, children and even themselves.
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