What your old records are worth now

From vinyl records and 8-tracks to Apple music and Tidal, the evolution of music consumption has made a drastic transformation in recent years.

While the way people listen to music is now typically digital streaming through their headphones, there is a portion of individuals, however, who still enjoy soaking in melodic tunes from record players.

With vinyl records rising in popularity again, record production companies have seen an extremely profitable market. As Newsweek reported, record sales grew in 2014 by more than 50 percent to hit more than a million, the highest since 1996 -- and sales are continuing to increase.

Record owners are also benefiting from this trend. Ian McCann, editor of Record Collector, says, "The key is condition: if you are the sort of person who treated these albums like they were made of glass and didn't take them to parties, or rarely played them, they will be worth more today ."

So, to give you an idea of how much your old records may be worth, we gathered some of the most valuable ones we could find on eBay. Check them out below.

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