Tips and Tricks to Save at the Airport

Tips and Tricks to Save at the Airport
Tips and Tricks to Save at the Airport

As travelers, we all know how expensive it can get on the road. So who can blame us when we feel nickel-and-dimed by the inflated prices at the airport?

Here are a few ways you can keep your spending to a minimum.

First, bring your own snacks and pack a water bottle. Food and water are the most commonly marked-up items at airports and can cost you up to 3 times more than usual. Just make sure your bottle is empty when you go through security or you'll either have to chug it or throw it out. Once you're through, fill it up at the nearest water fountain.

Next, always keep electronic chargers and adapters on you at all times. We've all been there -- flights get changed, you get delayed, and before you know it, you're buying an overpriced charger for your dying cell phone.

Unless you want a headache, be sure to avoid the marked-up prices of aspirin and other over-the-counter medication. At the airport, these can cost up to 35 percent more, so pack your own in a carry-on bag.

Finally, while those last-minute purchases at the duty-free shop can be tempting, they typically cost 30 percent more than the prices you'd regularly find, so plan your shopping in advance to avoid any impulse buying.

Try out these tips the next time you fly -- your wallet will thank you!

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