What your old pop CDs are worth now


You know you're a '90s kids when... you have a shoebox filled with your old favorite pop CDs.

Maybe you even have a closet full of them -- rows and rows of those classic '90s and 2000s albums, scratched from years of overuse in your trusty black stereo.

We all remember getting our first Britney Spears CD "Baby One More Time," and coming up with dance routines to the Backstreet Boys classic "I Want It That Way." We remember fighting with siblings over which Now That's What I Call Music album was the best -- Volume 4 being a popular favorite. These CDs were childhood staples, and chances are, they're probably still stashed away somewhere in your parents' house (along with all your old beanie babies and barbies.)

Well believe it or not, these once cherished CDs are still in high demand, and if you have an old album in good condition, a rare version, or an autographed copy, you are in luck! Check out their new price tags below, according to eBay.

View what these 13 classic CDs are worth now:

So whether you're hoping to auction off some of your old CDs or a collector looking to buy some limited edition albums, you may want to check out the prices above to see how valuable these items are today.

Now watch the best way to clean your old CDs:

How to Clean CDs
How to Clean CDs

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