Our Best Gas-Saving Tips Ever


Looking for ways to cut down on fuel costs? Here are a few tips that'll help you save more money and use less gas.

It's no surprise that using your car's AC will drain fuel. That's why it's usually better to keep the windows rolled down if you want to save money. But once you go over 55mph, those open windows create drag on your vehicle, forcing your engine to work harder and guzzle gas as a result. So put the windows up and turn that AC on once you hit the highway.

Keeping your car well maintained is another thing that will improve fuel efficiency. Changing the air filter, motor oil and inflating your tires properly can improve your mileage by up to 4 percent, which will save you in the long run. And if you want to squeeze in even more savings, clean out your trunk to reduce unnecessary weight.

Lastly, remember that the harder you drive your car, the quicker you burn through gas. Rapid acceleration and constant braking don't only make you an annoying driver, they also cost you more cash at the pump.

So the next time you're behind the wheel, take a few measures to reduce your gas consumption. It's better for the environment, and you'll save a few dollars in the process.