15 quotes from women entrepreneurs to inspire you to run the world

Women in Business Surging
Women in Business Surging

There are still miles to go for women in the business world, but the strides made in recent years have been nothing less than empowering.

As of 2016, women held about 24 percent of all senior business roles in the world, which was up about 2 percent from 2015. But this number seems to lose its value when compared to the 33 percent of firms in the world with no women in any senior management role.

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Still, for countries like Russia, where women hold nearly half of all senior management positions (45 percent), it becomes clear that there are trailblazing women in the workforce.

Sometimes, the best way to be inspired to continue working hard and looking forward at the possibilities is to hear it from someone who's done it, and done it well. We gathered quotes from 15 of the most successful women in business about everything from work ethic, to taking risks, to never giving up.

Regardless of where you are in your career or what your gender is, these words will make you that much less likely to want to hit snooze and instead jump out of bed and crush your day at the office.

Here's our roundup of 15 motivational quotes by female entrepreneurs:

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