Budget Better: 11 items you should always buy at Costco

Money Saving Secrets From Costco Employees

Costco: The membership-only wholesale warehouse known for its great bulk bargains and even better free samples.

If you're one of Costco's members, you may be prone to filling your cart up to the brim with anything and everything on this week's grocery list. Other Costco customers enter the store on a sole mission of only purchasing large quantities of non-perishables that can be stored in bulk. Whichever tactic you may use to conquer Costco's massive square footage, there may be several items you're grazing over that are worth the buy.

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So what are the best things to walk out of the store with besides a stomach full of free chili? We did some research on the items that give you the best bang for your buck, and which products you're better off skipping and buying at a specialty store.

View the 11 best items to buy at Costco below:

11 items to always buy at Costco
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Budget Better: 11 items you should always buy at Costco

1. Fresh produce

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2. Gas 

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3. Wine

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4. Dairy products 

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5. Eyeglasses

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6. Giftcards

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7. Dog food

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8. Baking items 

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9. Bakery goods 

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10. Oils (coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil)

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11. Costco's snackbar (hotdogs, pizza, soda) 

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Commonly overlooked products that always harbor major discounts include eyeglasses and gift cards, which are sometimes knocked down by 30%. Items with shorter lifespans, like dairy products, meats and produce, are often skipped over by smaller household consumers opting for a more standard grocery store quantity.

However, many perishables like butter, meats and vegetables can be stored in the freezer to extend their lifespan. Another reason you may want to stock up on fresh produce? Costco has reportedly passed Whole Foods as the biggest organic grocer, according to the Seattle Times.

Check out the slideshow above for a full list of the best deals and steals at the wholesale giant.

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