Budget Better: 17 items you should always buy at the dollar store

The dollar store: a huge draw to some, but a huge turn-off to others. While many consumers are enticed by the rock-bottom prices found on the shelves of Dollar Tree, others often feel skeptical of the extreme bargains.

These consumers suspect that the dollar store only carries low-quality, generic brand items -- but there are tons of hidden gems for those willing to dig through the bins. You'll frequently find the same name-brand products you may be buying at double the price at popular drugstores, such as toothpastes, cosmetics and shaving creams. In addition, generic, everyday items such as paper clips, hair accessories and party supplies are great items to buy at the deflated dollar store prices.

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While there are certain products that are worth the splurge at a higher quality store, be wary that you may be overpaying for day-to-day items. It's worth checking the shelves at your local Dollar Tree to find the same buys for only $1!

However, it is important to know the right things to buy at the dollar store to avoid getting ripped off by a decrease in size or quality. Although these factors may vary product by product, these steals are the best items to always purchase at the dollar store.

View the 17 best items to buy for $1:

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