Swap Pricey Ingredients with Way Cheaper Alternatives


Did you know? You can swap out pricier ingredients when making your favorite recipes at home. Using a few easy-to-find substitutes means you can save time and money at the store, without sacrificing taste in the kitchen.

For example, next time you're cooking up your favorite Indian dish, replace expensive cardamom with store-bought cinnamon for a similar spicy flavor.

No need to break the bank on hard-to-find truffles, either. Porcini mushrooms are a lot more affordable, and they'll infuse your dish with that same pungent taste.

Finally, filet mignon may be the king of steaks, but decadence isn't cheap. If you're looking for king-sized taste without the king-sized price, try substituting rib-eye for a full-flavored filet alternative.

So remember, when it comes to cooking at home, you don't have to spend big bucks to achieve big flavor.