Where to Get the Best Deals on Groceries

With so many places to shop, finding the best deals on groceries can be a challenge. So, where do you find the greatest savings on certain products? To answer that question, we took a few grocery essentials, and matched them to the stores that can save you the most. Let's take a look.

First, when it comes to paper products, stick to your local supermarket. Although a warehouse club might seem like the logical choice for jumbo packs of toilet paper, you're not always getting the best deal.

Supermarkets typically put paper products on sale on the first and third weeks of the month, which can save you up to 25 percent per roll compared to the warehouse club. Buy these items in bulk and you can save money and extra trips, too.

Next, with canned goods, buying at the discount grocer or big box stores can be the best way to go. You'll typically get the best savings by buying the store's own brand. At supermarkets, canned goods are one of the worst items you can buy. Grocery stores can commonly mark them up as high as 50 percent.

Finally, when it comes to produce, dollar stores, discount grocery stores and ethnic markets are all great for finding some delicious deals. For the best prices on meat, you'll save the most money with manager's specials at the supermarket, or buying in bulk at the warehouse club. But no matter if you're buying meat or produce, stay away from the pre-cut items. Stores can charge up to 60 percent more for meat, and 40 percent more for produce for something you can easily do yourself for free.

The next time you shop for food, remember these tips. Knowing where to grocery shop can help you bag some more savings.