Ways to Make Extra Cash This Holiday Season

Ways to Make Extra Cash This Holiday Season
Did you know there are some lesser known jobs where you can earn extra cash this holiday season? Here are a few examples.

Seasonal repair work can boost your budget while you spread some cheer. During the holidays, big retail toy stores, in particular, are in need of handy employees to put together things like bikes, train sets and doll houses.

To find these gigs, go online and check out AllRetailJobs.com. You'll be surprised by how many opportunities you can find in your area.

If you'd rather earn from home, you can do that by testing out websites and apps. Sign up at UserTesting.com and you can earn $10 for testing websites and mobile apps for only 20 minutes of work!

This holiday season, don't let Santa's little helpers do all the work. Try out these tips to earn some extra cash and maybe even boost your gift budget.

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