Unexpected Uses for Petroleum Jelly -- Savings Experiment

Unexpected Uses for Petroleum Jelly
Unexpected Uses for Petroleum Jelly

We often use petroleum jelly to relieve cracked skin or chapped lips, but the product has several other handy uses. Here are some unexpected ways you can use petroleum jelly that will help you save big.

First, if you color your hair you can use a little jelly to help keep your skin stain-free. Simply smooth a layer along your hairline before applying the dye and you'll avoid hard-to-remove splatters on your skin.

Petroleum Jelly can also breathe new life into your old shoes. To make your patent-leather footwear shine like new again, simply buff them with petroleum jelly. You can also use this trick to soften other dried leather items: like a baseball glove, or a leather jacket.

Lastly, a little petroleum jelly can go a long way to help around the house. If your key isn't sliding into that rusty lock, spread a very thin layer over the key to get it to slip right in.

Also, to keep ants away from your pet food dishes, spread a thin layer around the outer sides your pup's bowl. Ants won't cross the jelly and your pet can eat or drink in peace.

Give these tips a try, and you'll see that if you use it in unexpected ways, petroleum jelly can lead to big savings.