14 Best Deals at 7-Eleven

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By Elyssa Kirkham

One of the most popular reasons to stop at a 7-Eleven is to fuel up when you're on the go -- for cheap. This convenience store chain offers low prices and great deals. But which items at 7-Eleven are guaranteed to be a good buy? What are some of the best ways to save money at 7-Eleven?

Here's a look at the best deals you can expect to find at your local 7-Eleven store as well as some money-saving tips:

1. 7-Eleven coffee. If all you want is a hot cup of coffee that delivers your daily dose of caffeine, 7-Eleven will do it for a lot less than your local coffeehouse. A 24-ounce Stay-Hot Cup at 7-Eleven is priced at just $1.55 for a limited time only. That's less than what you would pay for about the same amount of coffee at Starbucks with a venti freshly brewed coffee priced at $2.35.

And while you probably can't expect to get a handcrafted latte at 7-Eleven, the coffee bars usually include a wide range of flavored creamers, syrups and other add-ins to help jazz up your convenience-store coffee.

2. Breakfast sandwiches. If you need breakfast, consider a cheaper option from 7-Eleven. The convenience store offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches, but perhaps its best deal is the $2 price for a sausage biscuit and any size of coffee. This is well under the cost of a sausage biscuit with egg from McDonald's breakfast menu ($2.79) and half the cost of a sausage biscuit with egg meal.

Of course, the 7-Eleven version doesn't come with egg, but it's still a comparable option at a much lower price -- especially if your aim is to load up on caffeine over calories.

3. Bottled beverages. Beverages are a popular item at 7-Eleven, and the deals are frequent. One such discount spotted at my 7-Eleven location recently was an offer to get two 18.5-ounce bottles of Pure Leaf brand of brewed tea for only $2.22.

A similar deal had 2-liter bottles of Coca-Cola products marked down from their regular price of $2.29 each to two for $3.33 -- just $1.67 each. The same two-liter bottles ring in at $2.19 each at my local grocery store.

4. Big gulps. If you want to how to save money on soda, however, a fountain drink will get you much more bang for your buck. The signature 7-Eleven Big Gulp is known to be as cheap as 99 cents for 32 ounces.

5. Slurpees. One of 7-Eleven's most recognizable offerings, the Slurpee is a big draw for many fans of the convenience store. Buying a Slurpee from 7-Eleven is one of the easy ways to save money on a cool, summer treat. The chain knows this and uses it to its advantage to get you in the door with Slurpee deals, like a recent offer to buy one Slurpee and get a second one free.

6. 7-Eleven's candy aisle. To satisfy a sweet-tooth craving for less, head to 7-Eleven's candy aisle. Its standard-sized candies are typically priced around $1.39, which is less than prices at one local grocery store that sells standard candy bars for $1.49 each.

7. 7-Select brand treats.The deals are even sweeter if you pick candies from the convenience store's signature brand, 7-Select. This brand sells sour neon gummy worms for just 32 cents an ounce, compared with the Trolli brand at 45 cents an ounce at 7-Eleven. A bag of Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers comes up to $1.89, but the 7-Select variety is priced 30 percent lower at just $1.29.

Similarly, the 7-Select sleeve of mini chocolate donuts costs $1.39, well below the Hostess Donettes' price of $1.99 at 7-Eleven.

8. Mix-and-match deals. 7-Eleven usually has mix-and-match deals that offer savings on candies. For instance, snackers can buy two standard-sized candies for $2.49. With these candies regularly priced at $1.39, that's an overall savings of 29 cents. The savings are even better on king-sized candies, which are priced at two for $3.49 -- a savings of 49 cents when buying two for the regular price of $1.99 each.

9. Exclusive offers with the 7-Eleven app. As every savvy shopper knows, one of the best tips on saving money is to stay updated on the latest deals and offers. You can do that at 7-Eleven by signing up for the 7-Eleven app and 7Rewards.

Text "EARN" to 711711, and you'll get a link to download the 7-Eleven app to get access to its 7Rewards loyalty program. The 7-Eleven app can also score you exclusive deals and offers when you scan the app barcode at every checkout. In August, the retailer ran a promotion that offered free Butterfinger candy bars to those who used the app.

10. 7Rewards' 7th cup free. If you're a loyal 7-Eleven patron, you should definitely be taking advantage of its 7Rewards program to get any seventh cup free. Set up a 7Rewards account through the 7-Eleven app, then simply scan the barcode of each beverage you buy with your loyalty account. After you purchase any six beverages, your seventh drink is free. Any 7-Eleven beverage counts, including coffee, fountain drinks, Slurpees and hot chocolate.

11. Big Bite hot dogs. One of the best deals at 7-Eleven are its Big Bite hot dogs, mostly because they come with unlimited toppings for free. Load up on chili, cheese and other tasty toppings, and you can easily double the calories without adding anything to your cost. Plus, you can cheaply upgrade it to a meal with the Big Bite and Big Gulp combo, which is a steal at just $2.

12. Beer. When it comes to beer, 7-Eleven's prices keep pace with what you'd expect to pay at a local grocery store. So if you need extra beer in the middle of a sports match or to pregame before a night out with friends, you can pick up some brews at 7-Eleven guilt-free knowing you're not paying a premium just because it's convenient.

If you're picking up individual servings, like standalone bottles or cans, you'll probably pay less than you might elsewhere. 7-Eleven's $2.29 price for a 25-ounce can of Budweiser, for instance, beat out a local grocery store's price of $2.79 by 50 cents. The savings are even better if your 7-Eleven has a deal, like the mix-and-match offer I spotted at my local store that prices two 25-ounce cans of brands like Coors and Budweiser for just $4.

13. Premium ice creams. If you're craving a pint of ice cream, 7-Eleven locations often have a decent selection of premium ice cream brands in its freezers. The convenience store prices ice cream similarly to what you'd pay at a grocery store, but if you find a deal, you might pay much less.

While my local grocery store has my favorite Haagen-Dazs flavor for $5.89, a local 7-Eleven is offering a two-for-$7.99 deal that puts the price of a pint at just $3.99.

14. Exclusive deals with big brands. Lastly, one of the best deals to watch for at 7-Eleven are the products you can only get at this chain. For example, Doritos has partnered with 7-Eleven to offer the Doritos Loaded nacho cheese snacks. Last summer, 7-Eleven was the only place you could buy the summer tropical flavors of Red Bull, which Red Bull has since expanded to its regular line of flavors after they proved to be a hit with customers.

And right now, 7-Eleven is exclusively selling Monster Energy Pipeline Punch and even offers a two-for-$4 deal on this flavor.

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