Get Multiple Uses Out of Hair Conditioner

Get Multiple Uses Out of Hair Conditioner
Hair conditioner can do more than just soften your hair. It can soften your spending, too.

Instead of shelling out cash at the dry cleaners, use hair conditioner to wash your favorite silk shirt at home. Simply fill the sink with water and add a tablespoon of conditioner. Next, immerse the shirt in the water and let it sit.

The hair conditioner will soften your shirt more than regular detergent. After about five minutes, rinse the shirt and hang it up to dry. You just saved yourself time and money.

Hair conditioner is also great at preventing rust. Just apply a light coat to things that are exposed to moisture like door hinges or bathroom faucets and it'll keep the rust away.

So remember, a little bit of hair conditioner can help cut your spending in a big way.

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