Wall Street This Week: New iPhones Debut, Lululemon Reports

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From a consumer tech giant showing off its latest gadgetry to an upscale retailer of yoga clothes hoping to regain its inner peace, here are some of the things that will help shape the week ahead on Wall Street.

Monday -- Last Call on a Classic Theme Park Ride

The market's closed in observance of Labor Day, and theme parks will probably be making the most of the holiday by entertaining the last of the seasonal crowds. There's been a lot of activity in Central Florida and the downside of new additions is that the incoming attractions will have to take the place of something else.

We'll see that Monday at Comcast's (CMCSA) Universal Studios Florida when Disaster -- one of the park's original rides, in which folks explore the making of disaster movies complete with an ill-fated subway ride finale -- closes forever. It will pave the way for a "Fast and the Furious" attraction that will open in 2017. The competition is intensifying in the theme park capital of the world and Disaster is the latest casualty in this game of one-upmanship.

Tuesday -- You Say You Want a TiVo-lution

The new and abridged trading week kicks off Tuesday and TiVo (TIVO) will be one of the companies reporting after the market close. TiVo once revolutionized the way we watch television with the first DVR, but these days we're consuming video in many different ways. The need to record things that we can't watch in real time is no longer necessary with on-demand and streaming platforms.

TiVo is still making the most of the changing marketplace. It remains profitable; it's actually growing. We'll see how TiVo is holding up Tuesday.

Wednesday -- Shiny New iStuff

Apple (AAPL) has scheduled a media event for Wednesday and the company is widely expected to be introducing its latest generation of iPhone. Some of the rumored improvements for the iPhone 6s include a better camera and more powerful processor. We'll also see if Apple sticks with the 6s name. It sounds too much like "success," and that could be a bit too much braggadocio even for a company that has earned the right to brag.

Apple might also provide an update on its Apple TV set-top box, and given the reports last week that the consumer tech giant is in preliminary talks with studio executives to acquire original content, there could be more to Apple TV this time than just a box.

Thursday -- Downward-Facing Dog

One of the retailers reporting fresh financials Thursday will be Lululemon Athletica (LULU). The high-end chain selling yoga apparel was a market darling until stumbling in 2013 after a brand-tarnishing recall of its black Luon yoga pants for being too sheer. Its founder also landed in the spotlight for making some unflattering remarks.

Wall Street sees Lululemon posting a profit that is flat with its results from a year earlier on sales growth in the low teens. Things could be worse: At least the brand is holding up after its snafus from two years ago.

Friday -- 10 Items or Less

The short trading week wraps up Friday with Kroger (KR) giving the market its quarterly update. The grocery store operator is an industry giant, running 2,626 supermarkets across 34 states. Beyond its namesake stores, some of its other supermarkets include Fry's, Ralphs and Harris Teeter.

Grocery stores tend to be a retail niche in which lean margins are the norm. Kroger has come through with better-than-expected earnings in each of its past three quarters. The trend suggests that Kroger will earn more than the 39 cents a share that analysts are targeting this time around.

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