Buying an Air Conditioner on a Budget

Buying an Air Conditioner on a Budget
When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, bigger isn't always better. While you may think that more BTUs means a cooler room, that's not always the case.

An air conditioner needs about 20 BTUs for each square foot of space, so if you've got a small to medium-sized room, 5000 BTUs will usually do the trick. Plus, you can find one that size for under $150, so you can stay cool without overspending.

Here's another thing to consider. While you're shopping, look for an air conditioner with an Energy Star label on it. Energy Star models use 10 percent less energy than standard models, which means that little blue sticker can save you lots of money on your utility bill each month.

If you're starting to feel the heat this summer, don't sweat it. You can cool off with a new AC, without burning your budget.

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