Stretch Your Barbecue Budget

Stretch Your Barbecue Budget
You can cut the cost of your next barbecue, just by slicing your own steak. It's that easy. Here's how.

Instead of buying individual steaks, pick up a roast -- like tri-tip or beef rib -- and cut it up yourself. By being your own butcher, you can save 60 perecent or more off the regular retail price for steaks.

And if you're looking to grill up some chicken, be sure to buy the whole bird. While chicken breasts usually cost about $3.50 per pound, an entire chicken sells for nearly $2 less. Since it only takes a few minutes to cut up, why not pay less and get more?

So, as you get you're getting ready to grill this summer, try slicing up your own meat to, well, cut down on costs.

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