You May Want to Hold Off Buying a New Apple Watch or iPhone

Verizon Store Stocks Shelves With New Apple iPhone 6
George Frey/Getty ImagesThe Apple iPhone 6 Plus, shown in gold, debuted last September.
It's awfully tempting to buy one of Apple's (AAPL) hottest products these days. The consumer tech giant is selling millions of Apple Watches and tens of millions of iPhones in any given month, and that's likely to continue this summer.

However, history tells us that a new iPhone is now just a couple of months away. There's also chatter about bar-raising features in the next Apple Watch, a smartwatch that may hit the market sooner than you might think. These rumblings should be enough to have you rethink jumping into a new Apple smartphone or smartwatch right away.

If you can wait, you will probably be rewarded with either a better product or perhaps the same product at a lower price.

Let's Talk iPhone 6S

Apple has released a new iPhone in September for three consecutive years, making it a good bet that we'll get the next iconic wireless device in two months. That's usually good news for those willing to wait. Apple's updated iPhones tend to stick to existing prices, and the model it replaces is typically available for about $100 less than before.

The next iPhone may not be called the iPhone 6S. It sounds too much like "success" and that kind of self-back-patting may jinx the release. However, like all Apple releases, it will introduce improvements. Apple fan site 9to5Mac is hearing that the next iPhone could double the data speeds and incorporate the Force Touch display with haptic feedback that's now available in the Apple Watch. Naturally there will also be an upgraded camera.

Even if the new features don't wind up seeming like game changers, that's not the point. Today's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will likely stick around at slightly lower prices, so why not hold back from buying one now if that's an option?

Watch This Space

Sources are beginning to get chatty with 9to5Mac on the features of the second generation of Apple's smartwatch. Adding a video camera to make Apple Watch the latest gadget to offer FaceTime makes sense, and so does a new Wi-Fi chip that will make it more functional when a Web-tethered iPhone isn't around.

The biggest knock on the Apple Watch -- the weak battery life that calls for daily recharging -- is something that may not be addressed with the next generation.

Most signs point to Apple rolling out the next smartwatch early next year, but it's always possible that waning demand could lead to an earlier release. The Apple Watch appears to be selling briskly, but there are some signs that demand is slowing for the original model.

Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, one of the market's biggest bulls on Apple, recently scaled back his Apple Watch forecasts. He now sees Apple moving just 10.5 million of the high-tech timepieces this fiscal year, down from an earlier projection of 11 million. His target for next year is going from 24 million to 21 million. Anecdotal evidence is leading Hargreaves to believe that demand is slowing, and slowing quickly. If so, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Apple push out its updated smartwatch sooner rather than later.

Obviously, fans of the tech giant's products can't hold back on buying Apple's products forever, but with improvements coming and possibly soon, it seems to be the best strategy at the moment.

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