Never Buy These Used Items

Buying things at a discounted price can be great for your wallet, but there are some things you should never buy used.

For instance, a secondhand crib simply isn't worth the risk. Since 2007, nearly 10 million cribs have been recalled, so there's a good chance that a used one isn't up to code.

The same goes for old car seats, which actually expire after six years, and need to be replaced after a crash, so buying a hand-me-down could end up being a dangerous decision. These days, car seats go for as little as $50, so you're better off choosing safety first and buying new.

And when it comes to digital cameras, stay away. Since they're so portable, there's a good chance they've already been through several spills and drops. The wear and tear may not be obvious on the outside, but the damage on the inside might be expensive to repair. Instead, do a little bit of research, and find a new camera that fits both your needs and your budget.

If you're trying to save with used items now, think twice about your purchases or they could end up costing you a lot more later on.

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