4 Hot Holiday Tech Toys You Should Start Saving Up For Now

Disney-Wearable Toys
Damian Dovarganes/APActress Evangeline Lindes demonstrates a "repulsor," a wearable forearm attachment with infrared that puts kids in the role of Marvel superhero Iron Man.
As far as holiday seasons go, this one could do some serious damage to your pocketbook. A lot of the new tech toys -- for children and adults -- aren't cheap. It could be worse, of course. The consumer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset won't hit the market until early next year.

You will probably still have to do a little more saving than usual this year to check these items off your holiday wish lists. Let's check out some of new items that either have already been introduced in 2015 or will be introduced soon that should turn heads and bank accounts later this year.

Disney Playmation -- $120

Disney (DIS) knows that you can't live off "Frozen" dolls forever and sales of its once-hot Disney Infinity video game line have started to fade. The media giant is hoping to raise the bar come October when Playmation hits the market.

Playmation combines wearable technology and motion sensors to create physically active experiences. There will be "Star Wars" and "Frozen" Playmation lines, but the first one to hit the market will be "Marvel's Avengers." The $120 starter kit features an Iron Man glove that sends the wearer off on missions that involve moving around to succeed. There's also an app that expands the number of stories and characters that one can take on in new missions.

Apple Watch -- $349

There's no way to get around the success of Apple's (AAPL) iconic smartwatch. If you own an iPhone or have to buy a gift for an iPhone owner, you may find yourself joining the masses at an Apple Store near you.

Most of the smartwatches that came out before Apple introduced its Web-tethered timepiece flopped, but Apple has sold millions of them since its April debut. The cheapest models start at $349. Given Apple's knack for annual updates, it may be tempting to wait until the second generation of the device to come out by the time the holidays roll around. But if you're considering gifting a cheaper knock-off, know that if someone wants an Apple Watch, anything else just won't do.

Hello Barbie -- $75

Mattel's (MAT) line of Barbie dolls has been languishing in recent years. That may come as welcome news to those claiming that Barbie promotes unrealistic body images, but now it's time for Barbie to have her say.

Mattel debuted Hello Barbie at the North American International Toy Fair in New York back in February. The $75 doll uses Wi-Fi and voice recognition software to allow for conversations with the doll. Yes, Barbie has some personality.

Barbie sales have fallen sharply during the past three holiday shopping seasons. Mattel is hoping that a chatty doll renews interest in the once-trendsetting plaything.

Keurig Kold -- $299

Both kids and adults get thirsty, and Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) is teaming up with Coca-Cola (KO) to offer a tech-savvy appliance that makes eight-ounce servings of New Coke, Sprite and other carbonated beverages.

Yes, there are already much cheaper products on the market that fizz up still water. Keurig Kold expects to stand out because of its partnerships with some of the top soda brands as well as its appliance that actually serves up chilled beverages.

Unlike Keurig's more popular coffee-brewing line, Keurig Kold won't be available at most retail outlets this year. It will only accept online orders initially for a fall delivery. Widespread retail distribution will follow in 2016. However, folks who have been clamoring for a chance to make Coca-Cola at home will probably hop on Keurig's website to get one in time for this year's holiday shopping season.

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