How to Keep Your Couch Looking Like New

How to Keep Your Couch Looking Like New
If your couch has seen better days, you can restore it for just a few dollars. Here's how.

To fluff up your back cushions with a material called polyester fiberfill. They sell it at most craft stores for about $20. Just unzip the cushion on the back of your couch and fill it to your liking. It will work on your throw pillows, too.

If you're tired of seeing a permanent imprint on your seat cushion, pick up a bag of quilt batting for around ten bucks. Simply remove the cushion from its cover, wrap a few layers of quilt batting around the cushion, and then put it back in its cover. This is a quick and easy way to bring comfort back to your couch.

Before you send your saggy couch to the curb, save your cash and your cushions, with these simple fixes.

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