7 Valuable Childhood Collections That You Could Sell

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Kids love to collect things, from funny-looking rocks to baseball cards. When we grow older, our collections end up shoved in the backs of closets. But what a lot of people don't know is these childhood collections can be worth some serious grown-up money. Even a box of old stuffed animals can be sold on eBay for a profit.

Take a look at these six collections worth money, then check whether you've got any of this stuff hidden in your childhood closet:

1. Rocks

Did you pick up rocks as a kid? A lot of kids start rock collections, and some of those rocks can be surprisingly valuable.

If you're lucky enough to have a meteorite in your collection, you could be looking at a rock worth thousands of dollars. Mineral and gem buyers look for rare specimens, so look at your rock collection for items that someone else might want to buy.

Even if your collection doesn't include any gems (pun intended), you can still turn your old rocks into cash. Clean 'em up, add a few googly eyes and sell them as pet rocks on Etsy.

2. Coins

Yes, you can turn those old coins into new money. Collectible coins sell for tens or hundreds of times their face value.

Visit forums like Coin Community or the American Numismatic Association to learn more about your collection and see if there's anything that might be of interest to a numismatist. You might be surprised to learn what your coins are worth.

Worst-case scenario? Even if your coins are only worth face value, that's still money you can take straight to the bank.

3. Stamps

Did you acquire a bunch of stamps as a kid? Or did Great Uncle Bob's collection wind up squirreled away in your closet? If you've got a stamp booklet somewhere in your childhood possessions, it's time to open it up, do some research and find out what those stamps are worth.

Who knows -- you might be inspired to join the American Philatelic Society.

4. Toys

Here's where it starts to get good. If you are a child of the '80s or '90s, you probably have a box of old Barbies, Legos, My Little Ponies or action figures somewhere. Get ready to start reselling, because your toys could bring in some decent cash on eBay. Never-used sets and toys (also called "mint in box") sell best; and complete sets do better than toys with missing pieces or too much wear and tear.

Take a look at what you have and see what people are paying for similar toys online. Once you have an idea of what your toys are worth, take a few great photographs, write up a description and get ready to send your old toys to new homes.

5. Video Games

Are your old-school NES, SNES or Sega games collecting dust in a closet? The world's largest video game collection, 11,000 games, sold last year for $750,000, or about $68 per game.

Check your collection for working cartridges in good condition, and keep in mind that extra stuff like instruction manuals and original packaging adds to a game's value. Sell your old cartridges on eBay, or take them to a game reseller. If you've got newer games you no longer play, Walmart offers a trade-in program that pays in store credit.

6. Baseball Cards

It seems like every kid has an old collection of baseball cards tucked away. Not all of them will be worth money, but some are extremely valuable -- like this 100-year-old collection that recently went up for auction.

What do you have in your collection? You'll never know until you dig it out of your closet and check.

7. Comic Books

While you might not have a copy of Action Comics No. 1 (like the Minnesota man who sold his for $175,000), some of your childhood comics may still be valuable. Check whether you have any of these less-well-known but valuable comic books.

You could also consider whether your childhood comic knowledge is enough to help you play the arbitrage game, buying comics for a good deal and reselling them for higher prices. This strategy helped one man fund his startup by selling comic books -- he earned nearly $9,000 in profit.

What did you collect as a child? Do you think you've got a valuable collection hiding in the back of your closet?
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