Save, Don't Splurge on These Items -- Savings Experiment


When it comes to savings and splurging, there are some items you should never spend extra for. If you're watching your budget, think twice when you're paying for these items.

Fancy name-brand shampoos and moisturizers, for instance, are not worth the price. Advertisers want you to pay big bucks for these items, but there have actually been no studies to support that expensive face creams do better than drugstore brands.

Unless you're attached to a particular scent, there's no real reason to splurge on a top-brand shampoo. Mass brand drugstore products are actually on par with expensive brands because they have millions of dollars to spend on cutting edge research. So, save some dough and stick to drugstore brands.

Designer glasses, the kinds you find in stores, are also not worth splurging on. You'll be paying inflated prices on those fancy specs -- and there's more. It turns out that 90 percent of all designer glasses are manufactured by the same single company, so there's really not that much of a difference between a $40 pair and a $400 pair. It's best to steer clear of designer glasses all together and shop for off-brand glasses online instead.

Ready to shop? Think twice before you pay that price. You can save money just by avoiding brand name items.