1-800-Flowers and the Valentine's Day Social Media Massacre

1-800-Flowers Botches Valentine's Day Deliveries

Every couple knows the story: One of them screws up big time and now owes an apology -- often punctuated by candy or flowers. Good thing for 1-800-Flowers that it's in the business of sending such products. Between reports of missed deliveries, wilted flowers and melted chocolates on Valentine's Day, the company is in the dog house for the foreseeable future.

1-800-Flowers (FLWS) apparently had a lot of problems getting deliveries right on Valentine's Day, according to BuzzFeed. Between deliveries that allegedly showed up late or not at all, wilted and otherwise damaged flowers, melted chocolates, and wrong orders, people were voicing their displeasure on Twitter and Facebook, keeping customer service people busy and competitors delighted. Here are just some of the examples: Not that any of this should be a complete surprise. According to CNN Money, the company had problems last Valentine's Day as well, both in deliveries and in handling the problems after the fact.

There were happy customers out there as well.
And 1-800-Flowers did try to answer complaints online and, as CNN Money reported, some customers were promised a refund and a discount coupon for the future. But even in making good the company did badly in some cases. However, some people were delighted with all the problems:
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