Super Bowl XLIX: 25 Fun Financial Facts

Super Bowl Football
Mark Humphrey/APNew England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
By Clay Wyatt

The Super Bowl marks the dramatic culmination of the NFL season. On Sunday, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy as their fans await the opportunity for a year's worth of bragging rights. But while the main event is the game, football is also a big business. Plenty of money trades hands before, during and after the event.

1. It's the Most-Watched Event in History

The Super Bowl has been the most watched television event in United States history for two of the last three years. NBC told Adweek it would be a "huge disappointment" if that record isn't broken again.

2. It Would Take 9,000 Years of Your Work to Buy the Stadium

If you dream of hosting the Super Bowl in your own stadium one day, it would take almost 9,000 years of work to buy the current venue, University of Phoenix Stadium, given the U.S. median household income of $51,900 and the $455 million it cost to build it. Factor in other routine expenses such as food and shelter -- not to mention all applicable taxes -- and you'd need a very potent Fountain of Youth to buy what would surely be an extraordinarily obsolete facility by then.

3. 51 Minutes of Commercials Would Pay for the Stadium

You'd have a much quicker route to owning University of Phoenix Stadium if you profited from Super Bowl commercials. A one-minute ad costs a whopping $9 million this year, according to USA Today. It would take about 51 minutes of commercial revenue to pay for the entire stadium.

4. There Will Be Fewer Car Ads This Year

You'll see fewer car ads during this year's Super Bowl thanks in part to high advertising prices, according to Kantar Media. Companies that won't be buying a spot include Volkswagen and Jaguar.

5. Tickets Cost More Than an Average Month's Salary

As of this writing, a Super Bowl ticket will cost you around a month's salary if you earn the national average. According to TiqIQ, an online aggregator of event tickets, the average Super Bowl ticket price is $5,188.30, as of Jan. 27 -- that's up 51.8 percent over the same time last year. Tickets are the priciest of any event.

6. The Event Will Bring 100,000 Visitors to Phoenix

Officials in the Phoenix area expect the event to generate bring at least 100,000 visitors and generate at least $500 million for the local economy, according to AZ Central.

7. Car Rentals Will Surge

Car rentals are expected to increase by approximately 40 percent near game day, according to the NFL.

8. Hotel Rooms Are Almost Twice as Expensive

Hotel rooms in the Phoenix area cost 89 percent more than they did last year. Despite high prices, most hotels in the Phoenix area are sold out.

9. Flights Will Surge the Day After

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is expected to see a 60 percent increase in passengers the day after the game, according to ABC. That should mean big business for airlines, airport vendors, taxi companies and others that provide services to travelers.

10. Second Biggest Day of the Year for Eating

Grocery stores stand to hit it big on Super Bowl Sunday. This day trails only Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption.

11. Winning Players Earn Double Average American's Salary

Last year, each Seattle Seahawks player earned $92,000 for winning the big game. That's roughly twice the average American's salary of $46,400. It's not clear what the payout will be this year, but this figure has either increased or remained the same for every Super Bowl in history.

12. Players Earn Average American's Salary for Losing

Denver Broncos players each earned $46,000 for their part in Super Bowl XLVIII. This figure has also increased or stayed the same throughout history, suggesting the losing players in Super Bowl XLIX will earn about the average American's salary.

13. Halftime Performers Aren't Paid

The performers on stage at halftime might be filthy rich, but they don't earn anything for it.

14. $7,200 for Footballs?

Seventy-two footballs will be used for Super Bowl XLIX. At Walmart's (WMT) price of $99.95 for an official NFL game ball, balls for the whole game would add up to nearly $7,200.

15. The Two Teams Are Worth Nearly $4 Billion

The Patriots are worth $2.6 billion, and the Seahawks are worth $1.33 billion.

16. NFL Is Looking to Become a $25 Billion Organization

The NFL seeks to reach $25 billion in annual revenue by 2027. As of last year, it stood at about $10 billion.

17. Five Seahawks Are in the Top 50 in Merchandise Sales

According to NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFL Players Association, five Seahawks players are among the top 50 in sales of licensed products: Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.

18. Two Patriots Are in the Top 50 in Merchandise Sales

Two Patriots players -- Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski -- are among the top 50 in sales of licensed products.

19. You Could Dine with Peyton Manning for $200

For $200, you could attend the Super Bowl Breakfast, featuring Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning, this year's Bart Starr Award winner, at the JW Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix. New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and other current and former NFL players will also be in attendance at the Jan. 30 event.

20. You Could Watch a Doug Flutie Performance for $7,000

If the big game isn't enough for you, your experience can include a performance by former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie. While he won't throw an incredible pass or drop-kick an extra point, a $7,000 ticket will get you access to, among other things, a performance by his band in the Touchdown Club.

21. Gamblers Lost Record Amount Last Year

Those who bet on Super Bowl XLVIII in Nevada lost big, dropping $19.8 million. A 2.5-point spread favored the Broncos, who were soundly defeated.

22. People Will Bet $100 Million This Year

There are expected to be more than $100 million in bets by game time in Las Vegas. As of this writing, the game is a pick 'em in Las Vegas, and odds are not expected to fluctuate much leading up to the game.

23. Seahawks Win Best for Investors?

The Super Bowl indicator, which states that the stock market will likely perform positively that year if the winner comes from the National Football Conference, is on a six-year streak of success, according to The Wall Street Journal. That means an overall accuracy rate of 81 percent. If the Seahawks, an "original," pre-merger National Football Conference team, win this year, look for a bull market.

24. The Vince Lombardi Trophy Costs More Than a Car

It costs an astonishing $50,000 to make the sterling-silver Vince Lombardi Trophy.

25. MVP Gets $30,000 and a Trip to Disney World

The Super Bowl MVP doesn't just say he's "going to Disney (DIS) World" because he feels like it. In addition to a huge payout and tons of glory, he usually gets asked to be a Disney spokesman and gets paid $30,000 to participate in Disney ads and appear at the park. That's not a bad way to cap a successful season.
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