11 Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time

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Looking to supplement your income without getting a second job? Maybe you're saving for a particular goal, trying to pay down debt, or maybe you simply want a little more spending money.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, it's easier than ever to flex your "hustle muscle and earn extra income in your spare time, regardless of whether that spare time consists of a few hours a week or a few minutes a day. Here are 11 surefire ways to turn your time into money.

1. Sell Your Stuff on Amazon (AMZN)

You can make hundreds by selling unwanted goods on Amazon, such as unwanted gifts you collected over the holidays or that collection of baseball cards you've had since you were a kid.

Search for your product on Amazon, scroll down past the "buy" options on the right-hand side and look for the button that says "Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon." They'll walk through how to prepare your listing and notify you when your item sells.

If you want the most time-efficient route, you can ship Amazon your goods, and Amazon will handle all the order processing and fulfillment for a cut of the total. The best way to get started with Fulfillment by Amazon is by reading the ebooks "Selling on Amazon" or "FBA for Beginners" –- free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, or $2.99 if you don't.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is good for selling larger items that would be inconvenient to ship. Advertise your item to local buyers, and they can accept your price outright or barter (like at a garage sale). Once you agree on a price, you can choose where you'll exchange the product.

It's always safest to do the exchange at a neutral public location, like at a coffee shop or in the parking lot of a busy grocery store in the afternoon, rather than agreeing to meet at one of your homes. Remember that Craigslist buyers are strangers, so exercise reasonable caution.

3. Etsy

If you're crafty, you can start a nice little side business by selling your wares on Etsy. Create your own "store" and stock it with whatever you create -- hats and mittens, home décor, custom candles, the possibilities are endless.

4. Fiverr

If you've ever had a random idea for something you could do for a buck, chances are there's a place for it on Fiverr. Fiverr users offer everything from professional services like animation and design to quirky services like writing your name on the beach and taking a picture of it for you.

You only earn $5 a pop (hence the name), minus website fees, but if you choose a simple task, you can do in 10 or 15 minutes, the money could add up.

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Only got a few minutes here and there throughout the day? Why not turn that time into profit by signing up for Amazon Mechanical Turk. Workers are provided with a list of tasks, or "HITs," which you can filter based on the amount of time required (some are as short as 30 seconds).

You may be asked to do things like answer a survey, transcribe a piece of audio, rate an article or compare images. Payouts range from a few cents to more than $20, depending on the task. It's a great way to earn some spare change in your down time. Check out the Amazon Mechanical Turk Getting Started Guide, which endorsed by Amazon Web Services.

6. Rent Your Space

Got an extra room, floor or even storage space you're not using? Turn it into a revenue stream by renting your home on AirBnB or RentYourSpace.net. Why let that space collect cobwebs when it could be collecting you cold, hard cash?

7. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit connects service providers with people in their area who are looking for their services. Tasks range to everything from cleaning houses to running errands to doing handiwork. If you have a couple extra hours a week, it could be an easy way to supplement your income.

Task Rabbit is in 19 cities across the U.S.; visit the website see if yours is one of them.

8. Swagbucks

Another way to get paid for killing time (whether in line at the bank or on your lunch break) is Swagbucks.com. Earn points for doing web searches, answering polls and surveys, watching videos and more; then redeem these points for things like gift cards.

9. Mystery Shopping

If you can keep a secret and follow instructions, you may find mystery shopping a fun way to earn a little extra. Companies hire mystery shoppers to make sure their businesses are being run properly, and assignments could involve asking questions about a particular item, evaluating a cashier's speed and friendliness or checking how clean the restrooms are at a restaurant.

10. Pet Sitting

If you're a pet lover, you can get paid to watch people's furry friends in their home or in the comfort of yours. Sites like Care.com, DogVacay.com and Rover.com connect you with pet owners who need everything from an overnight sitter to a sitter for a couple hours, and you can arrange assignments to match with your availability.

11. Sell Your Items on eBay (EBAY)

EBay's auction-style format helps you get maximum dough for your stuff if it's rare or popular, and you can also set a "Buy It Now" price for serious buyers who want to skip the bidding. Be sure to present your item accurately, take lots of flattering photos and write an interesting description.
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