How Ordinary Folks Can Cheaply Fly on Private Jets

Guy sits browsing his smartphone as he sits in a window seat in a small plane
Tired of crowded airports and all the hassle that goes along with them? And jamming into coach seats along with the rest of the sardines?

Would you rather dodge the lines, stretch out in a roomy seat seat on a private jet instead? It's not as farfetched as it might seem.

Sure, that's the way celebrities and executives fly, but it is becoming easier and more affordable to go private. Consider that you can travel from suburban New York City to the Bahamas for $179 a person. Or from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas for $124 a person.

Last-Minute Deals looked at the private jet market and found plenty of opportunities for travelers to fly on private planes for less than $200. Last-minute deals or traveling as a group give you the best chance to get a good deal., for example, helps travelers find last-minute deals on private jets starting at $536 for an entire plan, typically for four to six passengers. Today, for instance, there's a flight for six for $536 from Augusta, Maine, to White Plains, New York. That's less than $100 per person.

The key to the opportunity, one industry executive told MarketWatch, is that a lot of private planes are being underused or could fly empty going from one destination to another.

So, this is a chance to get some money from passengers rather than none. In other words, it's good for the private plane operators and good for the travelers. The flip side: You could get somewhere on a private plane, but then be on the hook to find another way back.

Clearly, last-minute deals are not ideal for most travelers. So, the alternative to that is finding a carrier such as Flite Air Taxi, which will sell you all the seats on a flight, allowing costs as low as $541 a person from New York to Martha's Vineyard, for example. You'll need six people and pay a total of $3,250. Also, consider checking out, which compares prices of charter flights.
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