Snow Broom Easily Gets Rid of the White Stuff

Snow Broom 2

If you have a lot of snow, you'll love the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper ($17-$20), a simple snow mover that clears your car in a jiff.

Snow Joe, which you may have seen on TV, is not really a broom, because it has no bristles. It's a snow shover -- a large rectangle of thick polystyrene on the end of a metal, telescoping wand.

The only tricky thing about assembling the Snow Joe is unlocking the telescoping feature. To unlock, first you must locate the little black tab that hides under the ice scraper, which is a bear to yank off the bottom of the wand. Then, you must pound the tab with a hammer so it disappears into the hollow wand, which releases the extension mechanism that lets the wand stretch from 30 to 49 inches.

That took 30 minutes and a call to Snow Joe customer service to figure out.

Last, twist on the blue "broom," and you're good to go.

The Test

We haven't had much snow yet in Virginia. But we did have a pre-Thanksgiving squall that dumped about an inch of wet snow on my SUV, so I could give the Snow Broom a whirl.

And, it worked just fine. The large head easily shoved aside the wet snow on the windshields and the roof, which is always the hardest place to clear. The ice scraper got rid of whatever frozen gunk remained.

I'm sure the broom could have removed more snow, especially the light, fluffy kind. My only concern is how long the polystyrene head will last -- my guess about one snowy season.
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