'Stall Mall' Campaign Encourages You Shop Without Stop

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Damon Dahlen/AOL
Amazon (AMZN) and Proctor & Gamble (PG) are plastering ads on some public bathroom stalls that let you continue shopping during your holiday bio-breaks.

The Stall Mall campaign includes bar-coded coupons you can scan with a smartphone and Amazon app while you're sitting on the toilet. Deals include $2 off Charmin Mega Rolls, Double Rolls and baby wipes; $7 off Crest 3D Whitestrips and 50 cents off Febreze. You can also buy paper towels and batteries.

Cincinnati-based P&G is calling the ad campaign "a whole new way to sit, shop and save." The ads are now in stalls at malls in greater New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Seattle.

The campaign is designed to help "Americans save time this season with their holiday shopping," P&G's Scott Mautz told the Cincinnati Business Courier. "During this hectic time of year, Charmin wants to help others enjoy the go by making holiday shopping more efficient."

A 2013 CashStar survey found that more than 38 million Americans -- more men than women -- admit to having shopped online while on the toilet. A recent Charmin survey, CNN reported, said that a third of Americans say they like to be "productive" while on the toilet, and that 13 percent of people who have shopped on the toilet have bought household items.
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