The 7 Best Things to Buy in December

Just try to get through December without buying something. It's the time when everyone's hustling and bustling to shop for gifts, hosting supplies, food and beverages. While you're bound to spend more this month compared to other months, rest easy knowing there are some decent deals to be had.
7 Best Things to Buy in December
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The 7 Best Things to Buy in December
After Black Friday -- and after all that cleaning people do in anticipation of guests coming over for the holidays and before the end of the year, when people are thinking about tax deductions -- thrift stores experience an influx of donations. That means lots of hot deals on quality, gently used items for you, especially as people replace items like TVs, coffee makers, clothing, furniture, decor and more. The best time to visit thrift stores is when they open on a Monday or Tuesday, as most people donate over the weekends.
You can take your dollar further this month thanks to the abundant supply of gift card promotions offered by retailers. "Lots of stores and restaurants offer promotions for buying gift cards, such as by giving you a free additional gift card when you purchase a certain amount," says Lauren Ward at You'll probably need to spend about $100 to $150 to get $25 or $50 in free gift cards. Consider buying gift cards not just for others, but for yourself to use throughout the year.
It may seem counterintuitive to put champagne, wine or other spirits on sale just as the holiday season gears up, but retailers know what they're doing. To earn your business on both the bubbly and other products, they discount this holiday must-have. Sign up for email alerts from local retailers or "like" their social media pages to stay in the loop on sales.
Many home improvement projects take place when the weather is nicer, which means tool buying comes to a noticeable halt during cooler months. To keep product moving, many retailers put gift-worthy tools on sale, so look for deals and specials throughout December and even into January. 
Last month, we wrote about how holiday gift sets were a great buy, and that remains true this month, the peak season for these offerings. Look for "bundle deals," especially on cosmetics, skincare and fragrances, where retailers combine multiple full-sized items into one package and reduce the price. Pair that with a store coupon or discount code, and you'll save even more.
While you may have to hold off until the middle of December, you'll be able to find up to 45 percent off toys this month, says CreditDonkey. Toys are a big money maker for retailers around the holidays, but once buying dwindles around the halfway point of the month, they put the goods on sale. If you're looking for a specific toy -- especially one that's a hot buy this year -- you may be better off just paying full retail, lest you disappoint your child. However, if you've got a less picky recipient or simply want to stock up on a few more presents for this holiday season or later, start looking for discounts after the buying frenzy fizzles.
The cold, dry months are bad news for your skin and hair, which suffer from a depletion of moisture. From chapped lips to dry skin to hair that's left wanting, everyone deals with winter's abrasive effects. Retailers therefore put these products front and center. Look for buy-one, get-one deals, in-store and online coupons, promotional events and more on balms, creams, serums, oils and conditioners.
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