All Bets Are On for Britain's Next Royal Baby Name

Britain Prince George
AP Pool/John StillwellYoung Prince George will soon have to get used to sharing mummy and daddy's attention. But what will Prince William and Kate Duchess of Cambridge name their second-born?
Prince William and Kate Middleton, aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting another baby, so the odds are good that a lot of people will lay bets on what name that child is going get about seven months from now.

British bookmakers have already cranked up their odds-making machines, taking bets on baby names and even whether Kate will end up with twins, triplets, or more. The odds are 20-1 on her having twins, according to Ladbrokes.

In early odds-making, Ladbrokes has James as the top pick for the new baby's name, at 6-1. That's followed by Arthur, Elizabeth and Victoria, all tied at 8-1. Meanwhile, the bookmaker PaddyPower has Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary and Philip atop its leader board, all tied at 10-1.

For those who want to take a big risk for a potentially big reward, among the names with the longest odds are Caledonia and Macbeth at 500-1, according to PaddyPower. Other regal names in play are Arthur (12-1), Charles (12-1), Henry (14-1) and William (14-1) for a boy; and Charlotte (12-1), Alexandra (12-1), Alice (14-1) and Catherine/Kate (14-1) for a girl.

William and Kate don't have to do much to get worldwide attention, and when Kate's first pregnancy was announced the betting on names ramped up right away. And that time, the oddsmakers were spot on -- the betting lines pegged George as a 5-2 favorite, and that's the name the baby prince received. So we should expect the royals won't stray far from the predictable this time around either -- which is why Ringo is such a big longshot at 500-1.
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