The Best Days to Snag New Markdowns at 7 Big Retailers

Digging through the clearance items can deliver some big rewards -- the chance to grab on the cheap some good stuff that you really want. But, more often, it can be a frustrating waste of time as you go through a picked-over rack and find only what you don't want and all the wrong sizes.

One shopping expert decided to dig deeper and find out when some of the biggest retailers in America regularly move items to clearance. Getting to the store on the first day of the markdown gives you the best chance to get a great deal. "Many stores have specific days of the week where employees mark items down or add them to the clearance section," said Kyle James, who writes the Rather Be Shopping blog. "Just know the day, plan your shopping trip, and maximize your savings."

He visited stores, interviewed workers and managers and got inside tips. James, who lives in Redding, California, with his wife and three children, noted that there could be some regional variations. He recommends striking up a friendly conversation with a worker or a manager at a favorite store and ask when the next markdowns will be. That can be particularly helpful, he said, when shopping at discounters such as Marshalls and T.J. Maxx (TJX).

Hitting the right stores on the right days has paid off for his family, James said. "My wife always shops at Old Navy (GPS) on Wednesdays, and she estimates she has saved about $75 this summer on clothing and swimwear for our three kids."

Here are seven of the biggest retailers in the country and what James learned about when you'll have the best chance at clearance items:

Best Days to Snag New Markdowns at 7 Big Retailers
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The Best Days to Snag New Markdowns at 7 Big Retailers
Sunday is the first day or markdowns, James said, but coming to the store on a Monday you'll typically find a less crowded a store and will see the latest markdowns. And, he said, don't forget the 40 percent off one item coupons Jo-Ann always puts out.
The second and fourth Saturday of every month are the two days of the month when Kohl's (KSS) has the biggest markdowns.
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