Shining the Light on Texas Instruments Inc.'s DLP Products

Texas Instruments was one of the biggest players at the biggest consumer electronics show in the world: the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. And while many investors know about TI, they may not know just how ubiquitous it is.

The $51 billion semiconductor giant met with over 1,000 of its customers at the event, and showed off a broad portfolio ranging from automotive to the Internet of Things to more traditional chip applications.

Texas Instruments also has the well-named "Other" business segment, which includes its DLP products. DLP stands for digital light processing - a chip that contains millions of mirrors that flip thousands of times per second, capable of producing billions of colors.

I had a video opportunity at CES with Kent Novak, senior vice president of DLP Products at Texas Instruments. He told me the company's DLP products are in 90% of the world's movie theaters, and in about half of conference rooms. In this video he talks more about DLP, and provides a demonstration of a keychain product meant for individual consumers.

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