How to Save Money With Pinterest

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Getty ImagesPinterest can provide inspiration for DIY home decor.
By Karen Cordaway

Pinterest has inspired millions of people to have DIY courage, cook meals from scratch, ramp up their workouts and make home sweet home a little sweeter through simple decorating techniques. Most people, though, still don't realize how they can save money through this virtual pin board. Below, Pinterest enthusiasts share their money-saving secrets about this image-based platform.

Find inspiration. You can learn to turn random items around your house into creative home decor -- inexpensively. "I'm fickle when it comes to home decorating, which means I change my mind frequently about styles and accessories. This can get expensive, so I turn to Pinterest for ideas. Arranging something differently or using common household items as props can be all you need to freshen up a space. For example, I started using liquor bottles as vases after seeing it on Pinterest, and have a newfound appreciation for produce crates as decorating pieces," says Kendal Perez of Hassle-Free Savings.

"Pinning home decorating ideas also helps me hone in on what I really want, so I don't waste money trying items that don't actually fit within my vision. I'm an obsessive planner so having as many visual reminders of what I'm looking for helps me make better purchasing decisions. Pinterest is also great for finding DIY tutorials on everything from laying tile to arranging flowers like a pro to safely removing your washer or dryer. This helps you avoid paying a premium for services you can do yourself!" she adds.

Learn new strategies. Do you realize that getting organized and implementing an orderly system saves you money? If you can't keep track of paying your bills, it's easy to get a late fee or two. Follow pinners who share their organizational know-how to save money indirectly by staying organized. Mridu Parikh is a simplicity and organization junkie for women who are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. She suggests keeping track of payments by using a calendar to write important payment due dates. Digital calendars work best since you can set up repeat reminders for ongoing payments. Set alerts a few days before payment is due to ensure you get them paid on time and avoid late fees.

%VIRTUAL-article-sponsoredlinks%Vow to avoid the dreaded tax scramble next year by keeping all of your tax information for the year in one place. Have a clearly marked folder or box where you put all your tax-related documents and forms as you get them. Use folders separated by categories like end-of-year bank statements, receipts, business expenses, pay stubs, charitable donation forms and office supplies to make everything easier to find later.

Gaining insight from those who decorate on a dime can have your home looking beautiful for less, too. The Thrifty Decor Chick gives you a ticket to savings through her fabulous IKEA finds. She inspires others to make their home a haven without it costing a fortune.

If you're reaching for takeout after a hard day's work because you think you don't have time to cook, think again. Get a savings plan baked into your recipes. Erin Chase of "Five Dollar Dinners" does just that. She cooks on a budget. By pinning her low-cost recipes you can find economical meal to cook. She shares them on Pinterest and even has a board devoted to budget-friendly recipes for those with food allergies. Many of which are made in a slow cooker which actually frees up your time. How's that for saving money and time? Now you have no more excuses!

Embrace more DIY ideas. Brianna Merrick is a social media specialist who puts her know-how about the photo sharing platform to good use at work and in her own life. She realized that DIY is possible. Get inspired, get instructions and get savings on tasks including home decor and cooking. "When I got my new apartment, I turned to Pinterest for guidance and it showed me unique and low-cost ways to decorate without blowing my budget," she says. She was able to successfully decorate without spending a bundle.

Don't miss out on the cost-effective information that Pinterest has to offer. Take advantage of the many inexpensive ideas found on this social media platform and make savings pin-worthy. Then, you can share your own tips with your new Pinterest friends.

Karen Cordaway is a teacher, website owner and writer who currently teaches personal finance to children.

15 Cheap Tricks for Keeping Cool in the Summer
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How to Save Money With Pinterest

If it's still hot out when you're going to bed, stick your pillowcase in the freezer for a bit before you hit the hay. That way, you'll be able to fall asleep on a nice, cool pillow.

We all know that eating and drinking cold things can help cool us down. But you might be surprised to learn that eating very spicy foods can also help you chill out because they help induce sweating.

A cool shower is already a great way to help beat the heat. But when you're done, dry yourself in front of a fan instead of using a towel -– the evaporation will help cool you down. You can also use a spray bottle to spritz yourself and get the same effect.

If you're not at home, keep the curtains drawn and the blinds down. This helps stop sunlight from getting in and heating up your house.
Light colors reflect light instead of absorbing it, like dark colors do. So why the sunscreen? While wearing light colors will keep you cooler, they're not as effective at blocking the sun's harmful rays from your skin. Consider applying a daily lotion that contains SPF 30 so you remain protected.
Unlike air conditioners, fans are usually most effective at cooling people directly, not cooling entire rooms. Try positioning two fans in your windows so that one pushes hot air out, and the other brings cool air in.
The library is filled with free books, magazines, movies, Wi-Fi and, most likely, air conditioning. Instead of reading or surfing the Internet at home on a hot day, do it at the library instead. Also look for children's programs such as story time or book clubs.
Another place that pumps in air conditioning is movie theaters. If you're planning to see a new movie anyway, make it a matinee. The ticket price will be cheaper, and you'll be able to get out of the heat while the sun is shining.

Opening your windows during the day can just make your house hotter. Instead, wait until the evening to open your windows to let the cool air in.

Using the oven can drastically increase the heat in your kitchen. Instead, plan for meals that only use the stove top, microwave or grill.

A few bottles of frozen water can do a lot. Put one behind your neck when you're watching TV or in your bed with you when you sleep at night. If you're going out and about, bring it to drink -– the water will melt slowly, leaving you with something extra cold to sip on.

Incandescent light bulbs use more energy and emit more heat than compact fluorescent light bulbs, so if you haven't already, replace your old bulbs.
Loose cotton and linen will help keep you cool; synthetics will usually make you sweat. So dress accordingly.
Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep cool. If you're bored by regular water, try infusing it with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Some refreshing combinations include cucumber with lemon and orange with mint. Infusing is easy –- just slice up the elements you want to use for flavor, put them in a pitcher with some water and keep it in the fridge.
Setting your air conditioner at 78 degrees instead of 72 degrees could decrease your cooling bill between 6 and 18 percent, according to If 78 degrees sounds warm to you, don't worry –- when it's 90 degrees or hotter outside, 78 will feel plenty cool.
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