Last Week's Biggest Dividend Raises

Several big names on the market boosted their shareholder payouts last week. Two of those hikes were substantial at 50% apiece, and all were above the 10% watermark.

Sharing the prize for the week's highest dividend raise in percentage terms were ever-scrappy regional carrier Southwest Airlines and energy company Anadarko Petroleum . Both enacted increases of 50% over their existing distributions. The former -- a standout in the airline business for its consistent dividend -- is to hand out $0.06 per share on June 25 to holders of record as of June 4. It most recently paid a dividend of $0.04 per share in March.

The company is also launching a share buyback program for up to $1 billion of its stock.

Anadarko Petroleum's chunky increase comes despite a nearly $2.7 billion loss in its most recent quarter. That, however, is attributable to a long-brewing legal settlement and not underlying fundamentals, which showed improvement. The company's new dividend of $0.27 per share will be dispensed on June 25 to holders of record as of June 11. Anadarko's preceding distribution was $0.18 per share, handed out in late March.

Macy's is feeling optimistic these days. Last week, the department store chain released first-quarter results that saw it boost earnings per share by 9% on a year-over-year basis to $0.60. On the back of what it described as "expectations for continued strong performance in 2014," it also declared a fresh dividend that exceeds its predecessor by 25%. The new payout is $0.3125 per share; it will be distributed on July 1 to holders of record as of June 13.

Like Southwest Airlines, Macy's also threw a stock buyback plan into the mix. Its board increased the company's existing initiative by $1.5 billion, bringing the total authorized amount to roughly $2.5 billion.

Shoppers from coast to coast are familiar with supermarket chain Safeway. Investors everywhere might get to know the company better now that it has hiked its existing $0.20-per-share dividend by 15%. The new $0.23 distribution will be doled out on July 10 to shareholders of record as of June 19.

Finally, there's the original "don't leave home without it" credit card king, American Express . The storied financial concern lifted its dividend by 13% last week from $0.23 to $0.26. The new dividend is to be handed out on Aug. 8 to shareholders of record as of July 11.

The increase widens AmEx's lead in terms of dividend yield among the "big three" card issuers -- Visa and MasterCard being the other two. That's not saying much, though, as it now stands at a still-thin 1.2%. At least that's better than Visa's 0.8% and MasterCard's 0.6%.


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