Here Is How You Can Supplement Social Security


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There is a growing worry among Americans that Social Security won't be there when they retire. And even if it is there, many more worry that it still won't be enough to make ends meet. That's why you need to start thinking of ways to supplement your Social Security, with Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, being a real solid option to consider.

Investing in MLPs like BreitBurn Energy Partners , Enterprise Products Partners , or Kinder Morgan Energy Partners  would make a solid supplement to Social Security. Each owns stable, boring assets. BreitBurn Energy Partners, for example, owns thousands of mature oil and gas wells across the U.S. Meanwhile, Enterprise Products Partners and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners own tens of thousands of miles of energy pipelines as well as processing plants and storage facilities.

These boring assets, however, produce a lot of excess cash flow. A majority of that cash flow is yours to keep thanks to a special tax advantage these companies have been given by the IRS. It's that advantage that allows these companies to pay large distributions to their investors, which can go a long way in supplementing Social Security.

I've created the slideshow below to help you learn more about the current Social Security worries, as well as a bit more about BreitBurn Energy Partners, Enterprise Products Partners, and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. You can then follow that up by checking out our special free report on Master Limited Partnerships. These are investments so powerful that even the IRS is daring you to make this investment. 

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