The 6 Best Things to Buy in May

Meat being cooked on a grill
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The weather is heating up, and so are deals on a variety of goods. Memorial Day also means a weekend of sales.

Meats for the Grill

Many grocery stores will have specials on grillable meats throughout May. "With consumers eager to enjoy a grilled dinner outdoors, so the demand and competitive price game begins for everyone's favorite meats," says Erin Chase, consumer shopping expert for and founder of the Favado savings app. "From ribs to steaks to chicken breast and premade kebabs, consumers will be able to find great deals on the meats they love to grill." She says that condiments are also hot, so look for coupons and store discounts.


May is one of the best times to purchase mattresses. To save more money, check out Groupon or Living Social, which tend to have impressive offers on mattresses for local stores. You can stack these with in-store specials. Note that expensive mattress models are displayed in the front of the store, while cheaper options are often toward the back.

Patio Furniture

You've probably noticed patio furniture at your favorite retailers for several months. That's because retailers know people shop in advance for the summer entertaining. Now that the surge of patio furniture purchases has lulled, retailers have begun marking down prices, explains Meghan Heffernan, also a consumer shopping expert for Heffernan says to expect "a steep increase in prices until the end of summer." Buy now while you still have a good selection.

Bug Spray, Sunscreen

This time of year, bugs are a-plenty and the sun's rays are powerful. As a result, retailers can count on you buying these items consistently. Coupons (either electronic or from the newspaper) can save you money on both bug repellants and sunscreens. "With the bugs emerging and the sun gaining in stretch, stores everywhere are competing for your bug spray and sunscreen dollars," notes Chase. "It's time to stock up on your favorite brand of repellent and protection for your skin, and be sure to purchase enough to last you through Labor Day weekend."

%VIRTUAL-article-sponsoredlinks%Kitchen Accessories and Cookware

"After a long winter break recovering from the holidays, spring is often when we see people start entertaining again," says Heffernan. "Home ware companies will be offering special reductions on kitchen accessories and cookware." Thanks to these slashed prices, now's a great time to buy kitchen necessities -- including cutlery, dishes, linens, electronics and more -- for the recent grads or newlyweds in your life.

Used Cars

"As the volume of car sales goes up in summer months, car retailers increase the number of price drops per vehicle," says Heffernan. "This trend starts in May and will peak in July." An excellent way to get a quality used car is to shop previously leased vehicles. These are typically no more than 4 years old but are significantly cheaper than their new counterparts. Additionally, because leased vehicles must be maintained with utmost diligence -- and because mileage is restricted -- you know these cars have been taken care of.
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