3 Things You Need to Watch For in Boston Scientific's Earnings

Medical device maker Boston Scientific's been one of health care's biggest success stories over the past year, with this standout stock climbing 89% over that time. However, its performance hasn't quite lived up to its investors' rewards. Its struggles with revenue as the cardiac rhythm management and stent industries have slowed since the recession, and the company's suffered falling sales in each of the last two years.

Boston Scientific's doing the best it can to turn around that ominous trend. It's managed to slow down revenue losses in its two largest divisions, cardiac rhythm management and interventional cardiology. Meanwhile, up-and-coming businesses such as neuromodulation have stepped up with much-needed revenue growth, although Boston's neurotech sales currently only provide less than a tenth of its overall revenue.

Earnings season's at hand for Boston Scientific, but what should you be watching for when the company reports its quarterly performance on April 29? In the video below, Motley Fool contributor Dan Carroll takes you through the three trends you need to keep an eye on at Boston and whether this company's performance can keep this surging stock on a roll through 2014.

Will Boston Scientific lead the next wave of health-care innovation?
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