Google Hangout on Financial Literacy [Replay]

Update: The live chat is over but you can replay the entire segment above.


We are thrilled to be co-hosting a Google Hangout with Bankrate today, April 15 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PT), which will cover lots of interesting and relevant questions around financial literacy. The Google Hangout, which is entitled "#FinancialLiteracyMonth: Money Basics You Need to Know", will feature questions like:

  • How should millenials deal with their biggest financial concerns?
  • What are easy ways to save up for an emergency fund?
  • How can parents talk to their kids about money at an early age?
  • How can people ask for lessons in financial planning and retirement planning from their employers?

We'll raise these questions to Liz Weston, Personal Finance Columnist and best-selling author of the book "Your Credit Score" and Neal Frankle, DailyFinance Contributor and Certified Financial Planner. We are excited to be able to hear both of their points of views and to have Bankrate's Social Media Manager, Janet Reusch, moderate the conversation.

We hope you will tune in! You can watch the live stream here on this page or by going to our event page on Google+.

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