Get Rid of Garden Pests for Good

DIY Garden Pest RemovalYour spring garden doesn't have to fall victim to pesky pests. There's a way you can keep them away from your vegetable bounty for next to nothing. Here's how.

Slugs can wreck serious havoc your precious greens, and it can cost up to $30 for commercial slug repellants. The low-cost alternative to these pricey pest killers can be found in your own kitchen, specifically in your coffee maker.

Slugs and other pests hate coffee grounds. The high percentage of caffeine can actually kill slugs on the spot, and it only takes a small amount to keep these nasty troublemakers away. Just sprinkle some grounds over your garden and you'll be slug-free.

If you don't brew your own coffee, just stop by your local Starbucks. They have a policy of giving spent grounds to their customers for use on home projects.

This spring, don't allow slugs to slither into your garden. Keep this easy tip in mind and you'll be saving plenty of green while growing your greens.

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