Universal Display Corporation Will Benefit As OLED TV Prices Fall

When LG first released its first curved, 55-inch OLED television in stores last August, its picture wasn't the only stunning thing about it. That beautiful screen also came with a shocking $15,000 price tag, or more than enough to buy a reasonably nice car.

According to the Fool's Steve Symington in the video below, however, that high price was primarily due to painfully low manufacturing yields early on. Lucky for investors, that's changing quickly as OLED panel makers like LG Display  and Samsung  Display iron out the kinks in their respective manufacturing processes.

In fact, here we are just eight months later, and the same 55-inch model from LG -- the 55EA9800, to be specific -- is currently selling for "just" $5,999 on Amazon.com. If you head over eBay, several sellers are currently offering sets new in the box for under $4,400. What's more, thanks to more recent developments, Steve says OLED TV prices are set to plunge even further by the end of this year.

From an investor's standpoint, he also thinks there's no better long-term play on the space than OLED specialist Universal Display Corporation, which currently has license and material supply agreements in place with both Samsung Display and LG Display.

But these falling prices won't have an immediate positive affect on Universal Display's coffers. To hear Steve's full take on what investors can expect, check out the video below.

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Of course, televisions are just one promising way Universal Display's OLED tech can be applied.

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