Avoid Being Cheated at the Gas Pump -- Savings Experiment

Topping Off Your Gas Tank
Topping Off Your Gas Tank

Headed for the gas station? Keep in mind that topping off your tank isn't just bad for your budget -- it's harmful for your car, too.

Once the pump automatically clicks off, you're not getting much additional gas after. Instead, fuel is likely being diverted through the pump's vapor recovery system and right back into the station's tank. That means you're paying for gas that you're not getting.

More importantly, you want to avoid overfilling your tank. Your car needs space in its tank for fuel vapors to expand. Overfilling can force gas into your car's carbon filter, leading to poor performance, reduced mileage or costly repairs.

So, the next time you hit the gas station, don't top off your tank. It's good for your car and even better for your wallet.