4 Crazy Features For Your Next Home

It's pretty interesting to consider what you would want to have in your dream home, and there are dozens of possible features that are offered that you may not be aware of.Features that were considered high-end and luxurious just a decade ago (like granite countertops, stainless appliances, and whirlpool tubs) have now become must-haves.For those who want a truly unique home, here are 4 features that you can find in active home listings -- and they range from the mild to the extreme.

1. Crazy bathrooms
According to RealEstate.com, luxurious bathrooms have surpassed kitchens in terms of their importance to prospective homebuyers. There is a huge range of possible features this could include, ranging from marble floors and walls, to very elaborate steam showers, and ornate vanities.

For instance, check out the amazing steam shower room and enormous bathroom in this $795,000 Dallas home.That's right, the steam shower in the master suite is actually its own room!

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2. Home Gyms
It is certainly a luxury to not have to leave your home to get a workout, and today's home gyms are much more than just a treadmill and some weights. In today's homes for sale, it's possible to find gyms with equipment that would rival any commercial facility.

Check out the fitness facilities in this Charlotte, NC estate, which features pretty much everything you could ask for at any gym.Yes, this is actually in someone's house!

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3. Outdoor kitchens
It may not be enough to have a luxurious kitchen inside your house anymore. Even on mid-level new constructions, well-appointed outdoor kitchens are becoming commonplace -- even more so on larger custom homes.

Outdoor kitchens range from a basic built-in grill to a full setup that would rival anyone's indoor kitchen. 

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These are especially common in the southern latitudes, where people tend to use their outdoor living space to its full potential.This Miami Beach home is an excellent example, with a fully appointed outdoor kitchen overlooking the open water.

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4. Man-caves
This is certainly not a new idea, but these retreats have definitely gotten more elaborate over the years. Some man caves are built just for a place to relax and unwind, with features like a bar and pool table, and some comfy couches.

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Some are like mini sports bars, with multiple TVs and the décor that would put anyone in the mood for the big game.


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The features that buyers can find when looking for a home are certainly evolving, and this list is just a small taste of what's out there.Which of these features is most important to you?For me, I'm actually plotting out my next man-cave in my head as I write this!

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