For Mobile Payments, Near-Field Communication Is Dead on Arrival. This Hail Mary Is Its Only Hope

The future, as they say, is now. Equipped with a Google smartphone in your pocket and a MasterCard enabled cash register at your favorite store, you can purchase your weekly groceries without opening your wallet.

Of course, it won't work if you, like me, use an Apple iPhone. Or if your grocery store hasn't upgraded its point-of-sales system to accept these payments via near field communication, or NFC. 

According to Brandon Workman, a mobile industry expert and writer, this is exactly the reason that NFC is dead on arrival. In the video below, I interview Brandon to get his assessment of the market's reception to NFC, and also to find out exactly what it will take for this tech to make it into the mainstream.

The fight for your wallet is quietly waging in your living room, too
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