Extending the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Did You Know: Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone/Laptop Battery
Keeping your cell phone fully charged seems like the best thing to do, but it can actually end up costing you extra. Here's how you can save and get more life out of your gadgets.

When cell phone and laptop batteries run low, people usually recharge them to the max and leave them plugged in. However, doing this is potentially harmful and can lead to a shortened lifespan, which then means you'll need to purchase a replacement. That's extra money you don't have to spend.

Cell phones and laptops typically use lithium-based batteries, which are designed to work optimally within the 40-80 percent charge range. What's worse is undercharging, the act of allowing a battery to dwindle down to zero percent.

Undercharging is especially damaging because it can result in a state called "deep discharge," where power is prevented from reaching defective battery cells. Not only will that battery be dead, but it can no longer be recharged again.

This is a case where too much is bad, and too little is far worse. So, be mindful with those batteries by keeping the right charges in your device and the wrong ones off your account.
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