With 3 Weeks to Go in 2013, Airbus Is Still Beating Boeing on Plane Orders

So far this year, Boeing says it has booked 1,229 "gross" orders for various configurations of its 737, 747, 777, and 787 airliners from a host of customers. Minus 161 orders canceled by customers, this leaves Boeing with 1,054 "net" orders for the year. But what about its archrival, Airbus ?

In its latest update on "orders and deliveries" accomplished in November 2013, Airbus revealed its numbers as well. Airbus doesn't report its results in precisely the same way Boeing does, but here are the numbers as we know them.

Airbus delivered 58 planes to its customers in November, growing the delivery tally to 562 planes year to date, a 9% improvement over where the plane builder was this time last year.

Airbus recorded orders for 108 jetliners in the month of November. They broke down as follows:

  • one ACJ320 corporate jet
  • one A319ceo (equipped with the current generation of engines)
  • 10 A320ceos
  • 10 A320neos (equipped with next-gen engines)
  • four A321ceos
  • 26 A321neos
  • five A330-200F freighters
  • 40 A350-900s
  • 10 A350-1000s
  • and finally, one A330-200F freighter. 

Year to date, Airbus says it has achieved more than twice its original target of 600 orders this year, booking 1,373 planes in all, and coincidentally surpassing Boeing's gross tally by precisely one gross (144 planes). Airbus also suffered fewer cancellations, 59 in total, with the result being that its net tally for the year also exceeds Boeing's: 1,314 net new orders.

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