You'll Never Guess Which Social Media Site Owned Black Friday Weekend

Close up picture of a female browsing Pinterest, social photo sharing website on her iPad
Based on results from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and Cyber Monday, Pinterest stands to be the dominant social commerce platform.

On Cyber Monday, sales that came to retailers through Pinterest grew by 260%, according to the marketing and analytics company Piqora. On both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, revenue that came through the social media platform was up 100% as well.

What's even more interesting is that traffic on Pinterest didn't increase on the mentioned days. That means that individual Pinterest users are becoming more and more likely to move from browsing to purchasing.

Finally, Pinterest drives a disproportionate share of e-commerce sales in comparison to its active user base. Pinterest's share of social-generated e-commerce is within a few percentage points of Facebook's, yet the company only has 4% as many monthly active users as Facebook. Together with the Thanksgiving weekend results, this is all the more reason to think that Pinterest has a bright future in social commerce. (Piqora)

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