5 New Issues IPO Investors Need to Know About for This Week

Another week, another slew of IPOs. 2013 has been a hot year for new issues, and it's not only big-name high flyers like Facebook and Twitter that have made their way to the market. A host of other companies across a wide range of industries are going public. We've picked out five of the more interesting IPOs taking the stage over the next few days. The envelope, please ...

Navigator Holdings
Natural gas is a hot American commodity that's ripe for export. Unfortunately, because building pipelines across oceans is challenging and ludicrously expensive, it's not an easy product to ship overseas. Navigator Holdings helps solve that problem: It says that as the owner and operator of 30 handysize (15,000 to 35,000 deadweight tons) ships designed to ferry various types of liquefied gas across the waters, it has the world's largest fleet of such specialty craft. 

Liquefied energy is considered by some to be the future of the industry and a potential big-money earner for domestic companies. The sector has many believers -- Cheniere Energy , a big player, has seen its share price more than double over the past year. Those with an eye on Navigator Holdings will be hoping the same for the smaller firm. This Thursday, it's scheduled to issue 11.3 million shares in a planned range of $17 to $19 per share, potentially bringing in IPO proceeds of nearly $215 million. The company will be listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol NVGS.

"Vince" is a short, unassuming name for a man, but there's nothing modest about this upcoming issue. Privately held clothing maker Apparel Holding will take its luxury clothier with that name to market, renaming itself Vince Holdings in the process. Mr. V apparently has plenty of fans: The brand has been profitable in each of the past three years, with net sales growing robustly since fiscal 2010. Titles at the higher end of the fashion market can be choppy -- witness the rollercoaster Coach , for one, which has been riding over the last 12 months -- but Vince's recent growth and consistent profitability should attract some bulls.

Vince, which is slated to start trading Friday on the New York Stock Exchange as VNCE, is floating 10 million shares of its common stock priced in a range of $17 to $19 apiece, for total expected proceeds of $170 million to $190 million.

It's not unusual for a Chinese company to list on a U.S. market, and it's less unusual if that company is a dot-com. What makes 500.com different is its line of business: The company is one of only two online sports lottery firms licensed to operate in the massive Asian country. That market position should win it some interest, combined with the fact that from 2009 to 2011 it grew top line at a voracious clip. But 2012's number dropped lower and the company's net has fallen in each of the past three years. 

Still, it's an offbeat issue with a business profile worth considering for IPO aficionados, and Chinese e-stocks haven't been too shabby of late. Online classifieds site 58.com saw its shares pop nearly 50% from the $17 per share issue price to $25, on the firm's IPO late last month. They've powered even higher since, most recently closing at $37.74 per share.

There are 5.8 million American depositary shares of 500.com scheduled to hit the market on Friday, priced in a range of $9 to $11 per ADS. They will trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol WBAI.

Trevena and TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals
Young health-care companies are often hungry for cash, which is a big reason why a great many recent IPOs have come from the sector. These two Pennsylvania-based biotechs are rolling the dice with potentially big-ticket items. Trevena is hoping for success with its TRV027, an intravenous medication that combats late-stage heart failure. TetraLogic has a niche in Smac mimetics, a class of drugs that in its words "specifically induce cancer cell death and inhibit fundamental mechanisms of cancer cell survival and resistance."

Not all fresh biotech issues so far this year have zoomed in price, but the winners have done well. Enanta Pharmaceuticals is on that has; that stock is up by a full 50% (to $21 per share) from its March IPO.  

Both firms will need plenty of capital to continue their activities. On Wednesday, Trevena (Nasdaq ticker symbol to be TRVN) is aiming to raise $70 million to $81 million by issuing 5.8 million shares priced at $12 to $14 apiece. Meanwhile, TetraLogic (TLOG, listed on Nasdaq) is scheduled to float 6.4 million shares Thursday for $13 to $15 per share, raising $83 million to $96 million.

Looking beyond the IPO
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